Tread Global leads the cannabis industry for compliant and sustainable Child-Resistant (CR) containers and packaging. Innovative design, mass manufacturing, testing and certification.


Tread Global is leading the industry for sustainable child-resistant (CR) primary containers and packaging for cannabis, cannabis beverages, and CBD; offering innovative design, and cost effective manufacturing. In addition, we have tested over 1000 child-resistant products by our independent facility for child-resistance and senior compliance, and have certified hundreds of products that are in the market today.

Our full-service capabilities ensure you have the highest quality innovation in products, factory direct pricing and large-scale manufacturing capabilities, and the most attentive customer service in the industry.

We are experts in our field and offer fully compliant CR certified products in glass, recycled and recyclable plastic, bio-composites, metal and paper.


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Tread Global believes in a sustainable future.

We believe in making high quality, innovative products that work, use less energy to create, and in using only the best materials necessary to create superior products.

We believe in making things last longer by using sustainable materials.

We believe in taking less and giving more. 

Our business is packaging, but we are focused on protecting children, for they are our future. We also believe in the cycle of life, understanding that packages and containers need to be well designed for seniors who have issues with cognition and strength. 

We are committed to leading the industry and creating a sustainable business that is generational in thought and practice, because everything we do today matters for tomorrow.




We have a single goal with each and every product–helping you get your product to market.  Whether we are starting with a sketch on a napkin, or if your CAD Files and are ready for production, our team can help. We have the experience and know-how needed to design for successful manufacturing, and have successfully brought hundreds of products to market.

For custom work, we’ll produce initial ideas with our in-house industrial designers, the 3D printed prototypes, engineering files, and cost estimates to manufacture your product. The files are yours, we take the job of protecting your  intellectual property very seriously. The prototypes are yours, you can use prototypes for many purposes, not the least of which might be marketing your ideas.

Costs for manufacturing can vary depending on whether molds and tooling are required, materials, assembly, packaging, volume, and other factors. Our relationships with factories worldwide give you great buying power, but also the quality and consistency that are vital to the success of any project. Always know, higher volumes mean larger manufacturing batches, and ultimately lower costs.


We specialize in mass product manufacturing. We have the team in place, the experience, and world-class factories at our disposal. Tread Global has the factories to produce your products, auditing, native language contracts, and quality control inspections to ensure success.

We coordinate custom packaging and product assembly. Our ability to manage this complex process makes us different than most development companies. We manage your production so that you can manage your business. Our unique business model allows us to manufacture a very wide array of products.

With a network stretching through Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and China, Tread Global has a broad range of product sourcing and procurement options to directly offer you advantages in the market. 

​Our streamlined product development cycle brings your products to market sooner. Your intellectual property is yours, and yours alone. We ensure the confidentiality required to work in a global space. We have protections in place both here and abroad. When we enter into a relationship with a factory, we demand nothing less than absolute integrity.


Federal law requires manufacturers and importers to test and certify many consumer product designs for compliance with consumer product safety requirements.Tread Global performs various testing services for a wide range of consumer products. Whether you need general quality control inspections or compliance testing for agencies such as the International Standards Organization (ISO), Federal Communication Commission (FCC), Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). We specialize in child related safety testing, such as Child Resistant Containers subject to the United States Code of Federal Regulations Title 16, Part 1700, for Poison Preventive Packaging


Benjamin Ray, Chief Marketing Officer

Ben is a proven industry leader who implements new ideas, processes and procedures to drive revenue and growth including building and executing company sales, marketing, and strategic partnerships. Ben has tackled difficult challenges and created solutions that have positively influenced and helped people around the world. He has deep experience in funded startups, highly regulated industries, CPG, and national and international QSR development.

Ben focuses on strategic and targeted outcomes for business and operational growth, measured on customer acquisition and loyalty; superior brand differentiation and reputation; and market and category dominance. He is a true operator-leader. With an eye toward the future, he addresses the changing landscape of emerging technologies and ever-evolving customer behaviors to capitalize on the opportunities of digital transformation that deliver on customer objectives and experiences, while focusing on the human element to truly take advantage of the massive opportunities to build companies of lasting value.

Over his career he has been involved in the following industries: Health & Wellness, Food & Beverage, Legal Cannabis, Organic Hemp and CBD, Nutrition, Organic and Natural Foods, Leadership, Hospitality, Financial, Technology, Construction, Oil & Gas, Architecture, Political Affairs, Sports, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Lifestyle, Jewelry, and Travel. He has served clients in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Italy, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Mexico and Australia.

In 2013, Ben entered the cannabis industry, counseling the board and working with the Executive Director of the Colorado premier trade organization, Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) and subsequently founded Jett Cannabis and Jett Brand, a premium CO2 vape oil brand and manufacturing facility, which in April of 2016 he sold to his investors. He then launched a cannabis rosin company, and in January of 2018 launched Eight Saints Brand, an organic hemp and CBD health and wellness company. Ben has provided business consulting, operational, branding, positioning, digital marketing and communication services to over twenty cannabis brands.

Prior to legal cannabis, he was founder and chief growth officer for digital agency Xylem, with household-name clients: McDonald’s (Global and USA), Geek Squad, Vail, Outward Bound, Chipotle, Jimmy John’s, Jack Links, Quizno’s, Naked Juice, Atkins Nutritionals, and other high-profile CPG and QSR brands. When Ben sold to his partners the agency employed 72 staff in four offices globally, which Ben opened, guided and managed.Ben’s unique mix of on-the-ground cannabis / hemp startup experience, blue-chip corporate industry experience, and visionary leadership style make him ideally suited to lead rapid growth entities from startup to category king. He is a Colorado native, earning a BFA from Colorado State University.

Jeremy Buck, Chief Product Development Officer

After creating the efficient design and manufacturing of individual patented inventions, Jeremy deepened his network to build a streamlined Product Design Manufacturing Platform that could be scaled to various regions around the globe to offer quality products at the lowest manufacturing costs in the world.

With an early focus on toys, games and kitchenware, he found design requirements subject to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). With the experience of the CPSC and a strong manufacturing network, he was then the lead development consultant for Leadiant Bioscieces (formerly Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals), designing and manufacturing child-resistant pharmaceutical packaging.

He subsequently saw the need from pharmaceutical, nicotine E-Liquid, EPA regulated chemicals and the legalization of Cannabis, he found himself well positioned well for the growing need of innovative child-resistant packaging designs followed with the mass manufacturing to meet CPSC, International and FDA standards. He is board member for the ASTM Subcommittee: D10 on Child Resistant Packaging and D37 on Cannabis. He has a degree in Aero Space Science from the MSU Denver.


Ben Discusses The Difference Primary and Secondary Packaging.

Primary packaging vs. Secondary packaging Many cannabis companies use a secondary package, meaning an outer box or pouch, and in many cases, this is not necessary. In many markets in the US including Colorado, California and now Canada, primary packaging (that is child-resistant) is all that is required. The main reason why companies have used a secondary package is that cannabis labels need to display a lot of copy to satisfy the regulations. Now, many regulations allow wrap around or accordion labels that take up less space. This allows for more innovation in design and functionality in primary packaging. By using primary packages, and not using a secondary package, companies can save up to 25% on cost, as well as not contributing to the tremendous amount of waste in packaging. See video here

Ben and Alex Bishop Discuss Cannabis Entities And Their Status Within The Coronavirus Outbreak.

I discuss with Alex Bishop the status of cannabis entities in Canada and the US for coronavirus and COVID-19 outbreak. We talk comparisons and contrasts in cannabis regulatory policy, compliance in operations, retail closings, delivery services, and the innovation that is accelerating in the industry for the week of March 23, 2020. To see the entire conversation click here.

What Ron Basak-Smith From Sana Packaging Knows About Sustainability (And Why You Should Know It Too).

Ron and I had a video conversation about packaging waste and sustainability. We discuss how to enter the conversation if you are a cannabis producer and are in anyway concerned about the amount of waste that goes into packaging.

In the packaging industry, there are myths and misinformation that many people accept as common knowledge…but it is a very complicated topic. Watch the video here.

Concierge Strategies Announces a Partnership with Tread Global International in Canada and United States.

TORONTO, ON / March 10, 2020 / CONCIERGE STRATEGIES (“Concierge” or the “Company”), a Toronto-based government relations consulting company is pleased to announce their partnership with TREAD GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL (Tread Global) the leading US cannabis packaging design, manufacturing and testing company to further Tread Global’s business services in Canada.

Concierge and Tread Global are now advancing the partnership where Concierge will facilitate C-level relationships with Canadian LPs, and ancillary businesses dealing in the rapidly growing legal cannabis space. Tread Global has been producing child-resistant packaging for the past five years and has actively been involved in the manufacturing and testing of child-resistant cannabis packaging with Canadian LPs for the past two years.

The partnership has advantages on both sides of the border, as both companies have worked extensively in the cannabis consulting space throughout North America. Concierge Principal Alex Bishop “With our offices in Canada, First Nations, Mexico and internationally, we are able to leverage our business and government knowledge and connections to help great clients like Tread Global.”, said Alex Bishop, Partner of Concierge. “Together, we have already identified numerous opportunities to bring new Canadian opportunities to Tread Global utilizing their superior expertise in child-resistant sustainable cannabis packaging, ensuring we leverage their specialized and extensive knowledge and experience to build out a responsible Canadian cannabis 2.0 infrastructure.”

“We are very pleased to be advancing our Canadian strategy through this mutually beneficial partnership with Concierge, which provides Tread Global ease of access to one of the world’s most growing nationalized cannabis markets”, stated Benjamin Ray, Chief Marketing Officer responsible for business development and strategic partnerships of Tread Global. “By being clear on a consistent and deliberate partnered effort, we are committed to serving the Canadian LPs to the best of our ability by advancing fresh ideas and innovation in primary cannabis package design and manufacturing for a full range of cannabis products including beverages, topicals and ingestibles.”


Concierge Group works with companies in regulated industries at the intersection of capital markets, government relations and business development.  We provide a strategic bridge between these three critical business functions. Our expertise, our relationships and our fully developed holistic view provide you with a truly unique context and complete understanding as you execute on your growth strategy. We do so under Concierge Strategies, Capital Partners and TransAtlantic.

Tread Global Wins Canadian Package Design.

Tread Global is proud to have been part of the team behind the glass jar that won the Canadian ADCANN Best Packaging Design for The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) Glass Jar.

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Tread Global was the designer and manufacturer of the highly recognized “Leaning Jar”. The TGOD jar was custom designed with specially formulated green glass–the first of its kind in Canada.  Click here to read full article.

Tread Global was the designer and manufacturer of the highly recognized “Leaning Jar”. The TGOD jar was custom designed with specially formulated green glass–the first of its kind in Canada.  Click here to read full article.



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